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Finishing Services

The Finishing Printing Process and Services

Ries Graphics offers a wide range of finishing services to better accommodate our clients. From concept to completion, we are your one-stop-shop for all your printing needs. Below you will find information on our most common finishing services completed by our highly trained specialists.

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Saddle Stitching  Saddle stitching is a type of binding method which stitches pages together with a metal wire. Although there are many parts to the saddle-stitch binding process, it is a popular finishing method for booklets, catalogs and magazines due to its economic design.
Perfect Binding  Perfect binding applies an adhesive to the spine of collected pages. When the adhesive dries it forms a secure bond. Perfect binding is commonly used for binding paperback novels, telephone directories, catalogs and magazines. Perfect binding is very durable and cost-effective when compared to other binding options.
Plastic Coil Binding  Coil binding is often referred to as spiral binding or coil bind and is a type of binding method used for a variety of business needs. From documents and reports to proposals and presentations, coil binding offers versatility and durability with the utmost professional look.   Coils are also used for their flexibility with the ability to open the bound document completely flat and rotate the pages 360 degrees.
Collating  The collating process efficiently assembles your printed materials in their correct sequence thus producing an absolute finished product. Collating is commonly performed when printing manuals, catalogs or any other product involving multiple pages.
UV Coating  UV coating is a finishing method which applies a shiny coating to the surface of a printed piece and is cured with an ultraviolet light. UV coating not only offers a high clarity and quality appearance, it resists wear and tear.  This type of finish is popular for business cards, postcards, direct mailers and presentation materials where excessive handling is necessary.
Folding  Our folding services allow you to receive completely finished printed materials at Ries Graphics for an efficient and cost-effective printing solution. Folding services are commonly used for brochures and pamphlets and can be folded per your request.
Drilling Drilling is the correct term used for “3-hole punched”.  Hardened steel coated drill bits are used to create the holes while limiting friction. The drilling finishing method is frequently used for calendars.
Shrink Wrapping  Receive retail ready shrink wrapping services at Ries Graphics.  Shrink wrap protects your finished products against damage while sorting your product in your desired bundles for easy distribution. Not only does shrink wrapping provide protection, it also serves as an appealing packaging solution for consumer product markets.
Die Cutting  In-house die-cutting services are available at Ries Graphics. From custom pocket folders to books, we will achieve your uniquely branded look efficiently and cost-effectively with our die-cutting capabilities.
Scoring  Scoring is often used for mailers, manuals, soft-covered books and postcards. The scoring process creates a channel in your printed piece where the designated fold will lie. This process makes for a cleaner fold preventing cracking along the folded edge.
Gluing  Gluing services are available at Ries Graphics to complete your printed piece.  Whether it’s for pocket folders, envelopes or invitations, we’ll securely glue your material leaving no residue behind. Receive printed pieces which are ready for use with convenient finishing services from Milwaukee’s top printing company.
Kitting  We provide custom kitting to assist in showcasing your products and services. Ries Graphics is your one-stop printing facility for all your company’s specialized kitting and finishing needs. Whether you start with a pocket folder and add a set of brochures or include catalog sheets, we have the perfect kitting technique to meet your needs. Kitting can say everything about your business which is extremely important to us.
Mailing Services  When you need printing services, the last thing you want to worry about is picking the items up or how you are going to deliver your items. Ries Graphics provides mailing services to better facilitate your business’s needs.  We will mail your printed materials to you or your desired location efficiently and cost-effectively.

Commercial Print Finishing  by Ries GraphicsGraphic printing for commercial businesses

Ries Graphics is a commercial printing company specializing in high quality printing and finishing services. Our finishing options ensure graphics and designs are in a desired format, in the correct order, and have long term protection from damaging elements. We are leading experts in a wide variety of printing services and utilize our own arsenal of the latest, and greatest printing machines to ensure finished product is done correctly. Our advanced technology and machinery allows us to expertly finish your magazines, catalogs, business cards and more!  Ries Graphics will give your printed materials the professional finish they deserve.

Gluing Services for Envelopes and Invitations

Whether it’s an upcoming wedding, retirement party, or any other special occasion you are going to need catchy, sleek, and enticing invitations and envelopes. Let Ries Graphics handle everything from the printing and finishing to even the mailing processes! That’s right, we will even neatly and efficiently mail your wedding or party invitations out for you, so you don’t have to mess around with the logistics.  This includes the gluing, envelopes and anything else that you or your business might need! 

Printed Bound Books for Businesses

Ries Graphics' finishing services also include custom bound books which consists of all of the printed materials, binding, and even delivery!  In order to give you the highest quality, printed and bound books we utilize a wide variety of finishing techniques including:

Our team of printing professionals are experts in their field. Their combined years of experience makes us one of the leading printing companies in the area, and the crisp, highly quality printing work we work so hard to achieve is some of the best on the market.

Custom Printing Services

Order custom finishing services from Ries Graphics today!
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