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Business Line Cards for All Your Products

Wisconsin Printer Makes Detail Product Line Cards for Commercial Businesses

When you need a way to promote your product line, a line card is an easy and efficient way to share that information. With Ries Graphics, we print customized business line cards to help your company share your products with potential clients and customers. Whether you have several established product lines or are just starting out, let our print experts create your best line card yet.

Line cards may be used by our company internally for making sales or externally to keep the public informed of your product line. Depending on how many products are included in the line, you may need multiple line cards to fit all the relevant information. Ries Graphics printers have experience making line cards of all types and sizes, including front-and-back print capacities. If you have more than one product line, we are able to bind the separate line card pages together for your convenience.

What Information Should Be Included on a Line Card?

Organizing your line card will depend on the amount of products in the line and how many distributors or manufacturers you have. It might be easier to order products alphabetically or to categorize products by where they are manufactured.

Regularly updating your line card is important, especially as you develop additions to your product line or discontinue specific items. An outdated line card may cause confusion for your customers if a product is no longer available or prices have changed. Similarly, your line cards should be given new graphics if your company undergoes a rebranding or corporate merger.

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