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Eco-Friendly Printing Services Available in Milwaukee, WI

When you choose Ries Graphics for your printing services, you are not only saving money, you are saving the environment. Over the years, Ries Graphics has dedicated our time to advancing our printing techniques and providing the best eco-friendly printing services.  
Below is a brief summary demonstrating our advancement in joining the green initiative.

Eco-Friendly Printing Services MilwaukeeAdvanced Paper Recycling

Paper is our largest source of material so it was a priority that we went above and beyond just recycling it. Our paper is separated by its various characteristics to assist with the most efficient recycling process. The paper utilized at Ries Graphics is sorted by grade, coatings, printed vs. unprinted, groundwood, board and any other various type which refines separation procedures.
The roll sheeters used at Ries Graphics are designed to save a vast amount of paper. With the option to select a cutoff at any increment saves from wasting. The roll sheeters also allow our printing specialists to order custom widths from the mill to accommodate precise requirements thus reducing the amount of waste.

Printing Plates

Greener Ink

All inks used at Ries Graphics are soy and vegetable based inks. Soy and vegetable inks are less harmful to the environment than petroleum-based inks. Soy is commonly used for its oils which perform as the vehicle for the ink pigments. Soy is very stable and offers excellent wetting properties which improve its ability to deliver solid pigments.

Not only are the inks we use safer for the environment, we ensure our ink cans are completely emptied into a large drum. When the drums are filled, they are picked up for special recycling. Waste ink is burned and used for fuel and the empty cans are separated and recycled by a scrap metal dealer.


Improved Power Efficiency

We replaced four standard compressors with one highly efficient drive compressor. All of our plant’s standard lighting has been replaced with T-8 Energy Efficient lighting.


Even through delivery, Ries Graphics ensures our services are environmentally friendly.  We use recycled pallets and skids unless otherwise directed by our customers.  Banding straps are also recycled.

Print Green and Be Seen

With the wide variety of printing services offered at Ries Graphics, we are certain all of your printing needs will be met.  With unbeatable customer service, faster turnaround times, high-quality products, affordable prices in addition to our eco-friendly commitment, your search for a printing company is over.  Trust Ries Graphics for all your printing needs. One dedication drives your success.  

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