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Professional Scoring Services

Keeping Score: High Quality Scoring in Print Finishing

Scoring ServicesIn professional printing, scoring is an important feature in adding a fold or crease while still maintaining a high-quality material. Scoring is common for printed brochures, event programs, and catalogs. Ries Graphics prepares a sheet of paper or other material to be scored so when ready it can be folded easily.

We create an artificial hinge with a metal-edged tool by compacting parts of the material; it makes a smooth fold consistent throughout the entire professional printing order. Ries Graphics ensures the look of your order will be improved because the uniform fold guarantees there will not be out-of-place creases distracting from the actual content.


When is scoring most commonly used?

The best material for scoring is thick, heavy-weighted paper like card stock or cardboard-like paper. Utilizing our industry leading equipment, Ries Graphics can use our scoring techniques to create any fold for any type of material if possible.

When our customers need full-color materials, our experts recommend scoring instead of regular folding because certain types of ink or clear laminated coats risk damage. Scoring is less likely to harm the extensive printing jobs.

Commercial Printing and Scoring Services

Using digital printers for small-scale jobs and offset printing presses for large commercial orders, Ries Graphics can run print marketing materials for countless businesses. With custom finishing services like paper scoring, our expert printers can bring your designs to life.

Milwaukee’s Go-To Location for Full-Service Printing

When our customers need scoring, they are often pleased to find out our scoring capabilities happen seamlessly with our other finishing options. Our quick turnaround times ensue from completing every process in-house. Our printing experts can also recommend which inks and coatings are perfect for you so less time is used trying to decide.

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