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Ries Graphics Achieves G7 Master Certification

Consistent, Quality Color from Proof to Press

A result of extensive testing and calibration of our digital proofers and presses, this certification demonstrates our commitment to consistent, quality printing. A G7 certification allows all our clients to be confident every printed item they receive from us will be of the highest quality, and consistent to the unique specifications of the job.

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G7 Certification Process

G7 Master CertificationThe G7 standard was developed by IDEAlliance to help printers achieve the goal of consistent printing. The G stands for the gray scale values the printer creates, while the 7 stands for the 7 primary colors in the printing standard. G7 uses the principle of colorimetry, which measure visual ‘appearance’ and LaB values instead of dot percentages and ink density. In other words, it brings photographic principals to the press. G7 Certification also leads to:

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G7 Standards Create Quality Prints Every Time

Using existing ISO standards for printing and printing inks, G7 specifies components of an image which define a similar ‘look’ (or visual appearance) to the human eye by:

The old procedure of reading dot and density on a press sheet was inaccurate due to differences in presses, inks, paper and other variables. With G7, when you keep certain values constant (like ink and paper), you can read LaB values from any G7-capable output device and after calibration, expect predictable and consistent results.

G7 Certified Wisconsin Printing Services

G7 certified means higher print quality. You’ll notice improved consistency between digital proofs and printed results, across each job we complete. G7 Certification is device independent, no matter if you need catalog printing, direct coupon mailers, or any other service - our prints will come out looking fantastic every time.

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