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Brochure and Pamphlet Printing CompanyHigh Quality Printing & Expert Service for Your Business

Printing brochures and pamphlets successfully comes down to job planning. The quality of the finished product depends upon many factors. Ries Graphics sales representatives assist every customer to ensure all the details are covered, including: 

Ries Graphics offers both offset printing and digital printing services. We'll advise which is the better choice for your job. Our objective is always to deliver the best product for your needs and your budget.

Custom Printing Services

Pamphlet Printing CompanyBrochures vs Pamphlets: What Are the Differences?

Although the terms "brochure" and "pamphlet" are often used interchangeably, there are differences. If you plan on ordering one or the other, make sure you're 100% sure of what you're having printed. Here's what you need to know about both of them:  


A pamphlet generally has more pages than a brochure and comes in a booklet-like form, with or without a cover.  They are described by the type of fold used.

Different Pamphlet Folding Styles

"Half-Fold" "C-Fold" "Z-Fold" "Double-Fold"
"Accordian" "Gatefold" "M-Fold" "Double-Gatefold"

Brochures are usually described by the number of panels, sides, pages or folds.   

Ways to Fold Your Brochures

"Tri-Fold" "Single Gate Fold" "4 Panel" "Double"
"Roll Fold" "Die-Cut Fold" "5 Panel" "8 Panel"
Contact our pamphlet printing company  for assistance choosing the brochure or pamphlet best suited for your project.

Custom Brochures and PamphletsCustom Brochure Printing with your Budget & Schedule in mind

Ries Graphics works with you to choose the right brochure or pamphlet for your needs. In addition to standard styles, we also offer custom die-cuts to make your piece stand out. We deliver quality brochures and pamphlets on-time and on-budget. With our G7 Master Certification, you can count on exceptional colors, sharp text and precise alignment.

Communicating an idea to potential clients (either B2B or end user) and can’t drop off the files for us in person? With our secure online file transfer protocol (FTP), you can send your files over the Internet, then have us print them and ship them back to you. 

Ries Graphics offers:

Choose Your Brochure & Pamphlet Sizes When Printing with Ries Graphics

Customize the Page & Panel Options of Your Prints

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