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Design Guides for Your Milwaukee Business

Wisconsin Manuals Printed by Ries Graphics

Design creative guides for your business, project, or personal passion with Ries Graphics. We have experience creating everything from price guides for local Milwaukee stores to employee manuals for large corporations. With our years of print experience, we are able to make unique designs for your guide project.

Printed Guide Books

Guides created by Ries Graphics include:

A guide usually consists of instructional or informative information on a specific product, place, or program. They may be used in academics, business, or personal life. Depending on the subject, the guide may be only a single page or may be several hundred pages long. At Ries Graphics, we have the capacity to print both large and small quantities, and our finishing processes mean we can bind them however you need.

Our many different inks and paper colors means your guide will be visually appealing no matter the subject. Even the most reluctant students will want to read a study guide printed on colorful, high quality paper. There is another advantage to using our designs: your product guide or owner’s manual is less likely to get lost or thrown away if it is brightly colored and well-made.

Our printing experience allows us to mix color ink with black and white. Your images will shine in our beautiful colors while you save with conventional black text. Your guide can be as colorful and creative as you want!

How to Create a Comprehensive Product Guide or Owner’s Manual

  1. Start with a cover page clearly identifying the purpose of the guide and the product name or number
  2. Safety warnings should be given at the start of the guide
  3. Labeled images of parts and controls should have their own page for easy visual reference
  4. Detail how to operate, assemble, or use your product
  5. Describe the takedown, disassembly, or cleanup process
  6. Include a maintenance and troubleshooting section
  7. Provide warranty and service information
  8. Create a final page repeating your contact information with phone number, web address, or physical address

We recommend posting PDFs of our product guides to your website in the event a customer misplaces or loses their own copy.

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