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Rack Cards for Wisconsin Advertising

Affordable Rack Cards from Ries Graphics

Rack cards are an easy way to advertise your Wisconsin company without the additional costs associated with sending out fliers or compiling a mailing list. These cards are usually found in racks, hence the name, of restaurants, hotels, roadside stores, and tourist attractions. At Ries Graphics, we print high quality, custom rack cards to stand out from the competition.

Ries Graphics prints rack cards on the front and back for added visual appeal. We do not limit our customers to print on only one side. This means even smaller cards have enough space for crystal clear photos, maps, and logos.

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Difference between Rack Cards and Brochures

There are a lot of similarities between rack cards and brochures, leading to some confusion as to what the differences are. Brochures are larger sheets of paper folded over once or twice to create multiple “pages” or panels of content. Rack cards are a single page. The brochures from Ries Graphics may be printed in many different dimensions or even folded beyond the traditional bifold and trifold design. While rack cards may be printed in custom sizes, they tend to remain on the smaller side for greater convenience.


Where Do I Use Rack Cards?Rack Cards and Post Cards

If you have ever been on a road trip, you have probably seen plenty of rack cards along the way. Most follow a standard template, including the: business phone number, address, hours of operation, and either a map or photo of the entrance. This gives potential customers everything they need to know about reaching your business while on the go. For out of town visitors, the maps and photos are vital for finding a way around an unfamiliar place.

Rack cards are commonly used by:

If your business is temporarily affected by road construction, rack cards are a convenient way to show customers an alternate route to your location.

For more information on custom rack card printing for your Wisconsin business, contact Ries Graphics today.
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