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Ries Graphics Event Announcements

Share Exciting News with Classy Announcements

Congratulations! You’ve just passed another life milestone. Celebrate your special day with Ries Graphics, Wisconsin’s top printing press for exciting events and occasions. Our knowledgeable designers work with you in crafting the perfect announcements for everyone to admire.

Tell Everyone the Big News

Life events are hard to keep under wraps. Whether you graduated or moved to a new home, share the news with family and friends. Commercial announcements for job fairs or corporate events are also available with Ries Graphics. Our wide variety of specialty inks allows us to make the most creative announcements for all your news.

Announcements can spread news about any joyful occasion, including:

Ries makes any announcement more than something to shout about. With our wide selection of color choices and design options, we take a professional approach in delivering the best paper product.

Announcements vs Invitations: What Is the Difference?

There is a certain announcement etiquette with what you include and what you leave out. Invitations include much more information compared to announcements. Be careful in deciding what you are actually sending out to everyone.

Announcements Invitations
Sent to inform people of an event, whether they will attend or not hould be sent out AFTER the event, to avoid any confusion Sent to determine who will attend an event 
Include only basic information: what and when the event will occur Incorporate specific details, including the date, time, place, and RSVP information
May be sent out AFTER the event, to avoid being mistaken for an invitation  Always sent out BEFORE the event, several days or weeks in advance

Celebrate Life Events with Ries

Whether you’re celebrating your wedding or announcing the birth of your first child, Ries Graphics helps you share the wonderful news in style. With our variety of color pallets and skillful designers, we offer the best number of options, catering to your needs.

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