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Perfecting Presses Saves Time and Money

Milwaukee Color printing services Perfecting Press Printing Process

Perfecting is a term used in sheet-fed printing when a sheet is being printed on both sides in one pass through the press. At Ries Graphics we print one to eight colors per pass or up to five colors, two sides (perfecting).

Perfecting presses allow us to drastically increase the amount of printed material we can produce. In 50 hours of straight printing we can produce 250,000 impressions, while perfecting can output 250,000 impressions in just 25 hours. This process cuts the printing time in half on larger jobs, while keeping our high quality service. Our state of the art printing presses allow us to print on both sides. High quality printing in half the time from Ries Graphics will save your company time and money on your printing projects.

Straight Printing is a term used when printing one side of a sheet per pass. Multiple passes can be made on each side until the desired ink colors are printed on the sheet.

Color Printing Services Available

4 Color Printing

Four color process printing is a system where color image is separated into 4 different colors values. This process is done by utilizing filters and screens. The result is a color separation of 4 images which when transferred to printing plates of cyan blue, magenta, yellow and black. The four color printing process is commonly used in the graphic arts and commercial printing world to create additional color images.

Advantages of 4 Color Printing:

8 Color Printing

The 8 color printing system uses 4 light colors in addition to the 4 colors used in the 4 color process (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). 8 color printing reduces the graininess which may be present from 4 color printing.  By using lighter inks during 8 color printing, more printed dots are generated creating a higher ink density level.

Advantages of 8 Color Printing:

10 Color Printing

Ten color printing uses the same standard and light colors of the eight color printing press, but also includes a matte and photo black. The ten color printing process adds new levels of depth to photos and greater crispness to colors. The addition of two inks can also be a “double hit” of the same ink used to make a certain color more vibrant.

Advantages of 10 Color Printing:

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